Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 24:20 - 24:20

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Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 24:20 - 24:20

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These men themselves (autoi houtoi). Since the Asiatic Jews are not present and these men are.

Wrong doing (adikēma). Or misdeed. Old word from adikeō, to do wrong. In the N.T. only here and Act 18:14; Rev 18:5. Paul uses “adikēma” from the standpoint of his accusers. “To a less sensitive conscience his action before the Sanhedrin would have seemed venial enough” (Furneaux).

When I stood (stantos mou). Genitive absolute, second aorist active participle of histēmi (intransitive), “when I took my stand.”

Before the council (epi tou sunedriou). Same use of epi with genitive as in Act 24:19.