Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 24:23 - 24:23

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Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 24:23 - 24:23

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And should have indulgence (echein te anesin). From aniēmi, to let loose, release, relax. Old word, in the N.T. only here and 2Th 1:7; 2Co 2:13; 2Co 7:5; 2Co 8:13. It is the opposite of strict confinement, though under guard, “kept in charge” (tēreisthai).

Forbid (kōluein). To hinder “no one of his friends” (mēdena tōn idiōn). No one of Paul’s “own” (cf. Act 4:23; Joh 1:11) or intimates. Of these we know the names of Luke, Aristarchus, Trophimus, Philip the Evangelist.