Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 24:24 - 24:24

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Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 24:24 - 24:24

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With Drusilla his wife (sun Drousillēi tēi idiēi gunaiki). Felix had induced her to leave her former husband Aziz, King of Emesa. She was one of three daughters of Herod Agrippa I (Drusilla, Mariamne, Bernice). Her father murdered James, her great-uncle Herod Antipas slew John the Baptist, her great-grandfather (Herod the Great) killed the babes of Bethlehem. Perhaps the mention of Drusilla as “his own wife” is to show that it was not a formal trial on this occasion. Page thinks that she was responsible for the interview because of her curiosity to hear Paul.

Sent for (metepempsato). First aorist middle of metapempō as usual (Act 10:5).