Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 26:13 - 26:13

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Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 26:13 - 26:13

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At midday (hēmeras mesēs). Genitive of time and idiomatic use of mesos, in the middle of the day, more vivid than mesēmbrian (Act 22:6).

Above the brightness of the sun (huper tēn lamprotēta tou hēliou). Here alone not in Acts 9; 22, though implied in Act 9:3; Act 22:6, “indicating the supernatural character of the light” (Knowling). Luke makes no effort to harmonize the exact phrases here with those in the other accounts and Paul here (Act 26:16) blends together what Jesus said to him directly and the message of Jesus through Ananias (Act 9:15). The word lamprotēs, old word, is here alone in the N.T.

Shining round about me (perilampsan me). First aorist active participle of perilampō, common Koiné[28928]š verb, in N.T. only here and Luk 2:9.