Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 26:25 - 26:25

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Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 26:25 - 26:25

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But speak forth (alla apophtheggomai). Verb for dignified and elevated discourse, a word from the literary Koiné, not the vernacular. In N.T. only here and Act 2:4, Act 2:14 which see. It occurs three times in Vettius Valens in a “mantic” sense. Paul was not ruffled by the rude and excited interruption of Festus, but speaks with perfect courtesy in his reply “words of truth and soberness.” The old word sōphrosunē (soundness of mind) from sōphrōn (and that from sōs and phrēn) is directly opposed to “madness” (mania) and in N.T. occurs only here and 1Ti 2:15.