Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 26:4 - 26:4

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Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 26:4 - 26:4

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My manner of life (tēn men oun biōsin mou). With men oun Paul passes from the captatio benevolentiae (Act 26:1, Act 26:2) “to the narratio or statement of his case” (Page). Biōsis is from bioō (1Pe 4:2) and that from bios (course of life). This is the only instance of biōsis yet found except the Prologue (10) of Ecclesiasticus and an inscription given in Ramsay’s Cities and Bishoprics of Phrygia, Vol II, p. 650.

Know (isāsi). Literary form instead of the vernacular Koiné[28928]š oidasin. Paul’s early life in Tarsus and Jerusalem was an open book to all Jews.