Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 3:10 - 3:10

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Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 3:10 - 3:10

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They took knowledge of him (epeginōskon). Imperfect active, inchoative, began to perceive.

Were filled (eplēsthēsan). Effective first aorist passive.

At that which had happened (tōi sumbebēkoti). Perfect active participle of sumbainō.

Act 3:11 The Codex Bezae adds “as Peter and John went out.”

As he held (kratountos autou). Genitive absolute of krateō, to hold fast, with accusative rather than genitive to get hold of (Act 27:13). Old and common verb from kratos (strength, force). Perhaps out of gratitude and partly from fear (Luk 8:38).

In the porch that is called Solomon’s (epi tēi stoāi tēi kaloumenēi Solomōntos). The adjective Stoic (stoikos) is from this word stoa (porch). It was on the east side of the court of the Gentiles (Josephus, Ant. XX. 9, 7) and was so called because it was built on a remnant of the foundations of the ancient temple. Jesus had once taught here (Joh 10:23).

Greatly wondering (ekthamboi). Wondering out of (ek) measure, already filled with wonder (thambous, Act 3:10). Late adjective. Construction according to sense (plural, though laos singular) as in Act 5:16; Act 6:7; Act 11:1, etc.