Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 3:16 - 3:16

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Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 3:16 - 3:16

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By faith in his name (tēi pistei tou onomatos autou). Instrumental case of pistei (Aleph and B do not have epi) and objective genitive of onomatos.

His name (to onoma autou). Repeats the word name to make the point clear. Cf. Act 3:6where Peter uses “the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth” when he healed the man.

Made strong (estereōsen). Same verb used in Act 3:7(and Act 16:5). Nowhere else in the N.T. Old verb from stereos, firm, solid.

Through him (di' autou). Through Jesus, the object of faith and the source of it.

Perfect soundness (holoklērian). Perfect in all its parts, complete, whole (from holos, whole, klēros, allotment). Late word (Plutarch) once in lxx (Isaiah 1:6) and here alone in the N.T., but adjective holoklēros, old and common (Jam 1:4; 1Th 5:23).