Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 4:30 - 4:30

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Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 4:30 - 4:30

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While thou stretchest forth thy hand (en tōi tēn cheira ekteinein se). Luke’s favourite idiom, “In the stretching out (articular present active infinitive) the hand as to thee” (accusative of general reference), the second allusion to God’s “hand” in this prayer (Act 4:28).

To heal (eis iasin). For healing. See Act 4:22.

And that signs and wonders may be done (kai sēmeia kai terata ginesthai). Either to be taken as in the same construction as ekteinein with en tōi as Revised Version has it here or to be treated as subordinate purpose to en tōi ekteinein (as Knowling, Page, Wendt, Hackett). The latter most likely true. They ask for a visible sign or proof that God has heard this prayer for courage to be faithful even unto death.