Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 5:15 - 5:15

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Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 5:15 - 5:15

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Insomuch that (hōste). With the present infinitive ekpherein and tithenai, regular Greek idiom for result.

Into the streets (eis tas plateias). Supply hodous (ways), into the broad ways.

On beds and couches (epi klinariōn kai krabattōn). Little beds (klinaria diminutive of klinē) and camp beds or pallets (See note on Mar 2:4, Mar 2:9, Mar 2:11).

As Peter came by (erchomenou Petrou). Genitive absolute with present middle participle.

At the least his shadow might overshadow (kan hē skia episkiasei). Future active indicative with hina (common with hopōs in ancient Greek) and kan (crasis for kai ean=even if), even if only the shadow. The word for shadow (skia, like our “sky”) is repeated in the verb and preserved in our “overshadow.” There was, of course, no virtue or power in Peter’s shadow. That was faith with superstition, of course, just as similar cases in the Gospels occur (Mat 9:20; Mar 6:56; Joh 9:5) and the use of Paul’s handkerchief (Act 19:12). God honours even superstitious faith if it is real faith in him. Few people are wholly devoid of superstition.