Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 5:17 - 5:17

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Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 5:17 - 5:17

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Which is the sect of the Sadducees (hē ousa hairesis tōn Saddoukaiōn). Literally, “the existing sect of the Sadducees” or “the sect which is of the Sadducees,” hē being the article, not the relative. Hairesis means a choosing, from haireomai, to take for oneself, to choose, then an opinion chosen or tenet (possibly 2Pe 2:1), then parties or factions (Gal 5:20; 1Co 11:19; possibly 2Pe 2:1). It is applied here to the Sadducees; to the Pharisees in Act 15:5; Act 26:5; to the Christians in Act 24:5-14; Act 28:22. Already Luke has stated that the Sadducees started the persecution of Peter and John (Act 4:1.). Now it is extended to “the apostles” as a whole since Christianity has spread more rapidly in Jerusalem than before it began.