Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 5:26 - 5:26

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Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 5:26 - 5:26

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Brought (ēgen). Imperfect active of agō, was bringing (leading), slowly no doubt, and solemnly.

But without violence (ou meta bias). Literally, not with violence.

For they feared (ephobounto gar). Imperfect middle, still feared, kept on fearing.

Lest they be stoned (mē lithasthōsin). Negative purpose with mē (like hina mē), probably with “not with violence,” though possible with “they feared.” They handled the apostles gently for fear of being stoned themselves by the people. First aorist passive subjunctive of lithazō (from lithos, stone), old verb to pelt with stones (Act 14:19; Joh 10:31-33).