Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 5:37 - 5:37

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Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 5:37 - 5:37

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Of the enrolment (tēs apographēs). Described by Josephus (Ant. XV. 1, 1). The same word used by Luke of the first enrolment started by Augustus b.c. 8 to 6 (Luk 2:2). See the note on Luk 2:2. This is the second enrolment in the fourteen year cycle carried on for centuries as shown by numerous dated papyri. Ramsay (The Bearing of Recent Discovery on the Trustworthiness of the N.T.) has produced proof from inscriptions that Quirinius was twice in Syria as Luke reports (Robertson, Luke the Historian in the Light of Research).

Drew away (apestēse). Causative sense of the first aorist active indicative of aphistēmi, made people (laon, no need of “some of the”) to revolt (apostatize) with him.

He also (kakeinos, crasis for kai ekeinos). That one, also.

Were scattered abroad (dieskorpisthēsan). First aorist (effective) passive indicative of diaskorpizō, old verb to disperse. Used of sheep (Mar 14:27), of property (Luk 15:13). Aorist here after imperfect (epeithonto) as in Act 5:36.