Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 5:41 - 5:41

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Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 5:41 - 5:41

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They therefore (hoi men oun). No answering de.

They were counted worthy to suffer dishonour for the Name (katēxiōthēsan huper tou onomatos atimasthēnai). First aorist passive indicative of kataxioō, old verb to count worthy. Three times in N.T. (Luk 20:35; Act 5:41; 2Th 1:5). First aorist passive infinitive of atimazō, old verb to make one dishonoured (atimos). Forms here an oxymoron (oxus, sharp, moros, foolish) pointedly foolish saying “which is witty or impressive through sheer contradiction or paradox as laborious idleness, sublime indifference” (Vincent). The apostles felt honoured by dishonour. Note the same use of “the Name” as in Jam 2:7; 3 Jo Jam 1:7. With the Jews this absolute use of “the Name” meant Jehovah. The Christians now apply it to Jesus.