Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 5:42 - 5:42

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Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 5:42 - 5:42

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Every day (pāsan hēmeran). Accusative of extent of time, all through every day. In the temple and at home (en tōi hierōi kai kat' oikon). This was a distinct triumph to go back to the temple where they had been arrested (Act 5:25) and at home or from house to house, as it probably means (cf. Act 2:46). It was a great day for the disciples in Jerusalem. They ceased not (ouk epauonto). Imperfect middle. They kept it up. Jesus as the Christ (ton Christon Iēsoun). Jesus is the direct object of the participles didaskontes (teaching) and euaggelizomenoi (preaching or evangelizing) while “the Christ” (ton Christon) is the predicate accusative. These words give the substance of the early apostolic preaching as these opening chapters of Acts show, that Jesus of Nazareth is the Messiah of promise. Gamaliel had opened the prison doors for them and they took full advantage of the opportunity that now was theirs.