Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 5:6 - 5:6

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Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 5:6 - 5:6

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The young men (hoi neò„teroi). Literally the younger men (contrast with hoi presbuteroi, the elder men). Same as neaniskoi in Act 5:10and so no order in the young church. Perhaps these young men were acting as ushers or actual pallbearers.

Wrapped him round (sunesteilan). First aorist active indicative of sustellò„, old verb, to draw together, or contract (1Co 7:29), to roll together, to wrap with bandages, to enshroud as here. Nowhere else in the N.T. Frequent in medical writers. They may have used their own mantles. The time for burial was short in Jerusalem for sanitary reasons and to avoid ceremonial defilement.