Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 6:5 - 6:5

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Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 6:5 - 6:5

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Pleased (ēresen). Aorist active indicative of areskō like Latin placuit when a vote was taken. The use of enōpion before “the whole multitude” is like the lxx.

They chose (exelexanto). First aorist middle indicative of eklegō, to pick out for oneself. Each one of the seven has a Greek name and was undoubtedly a Hellenist, not an Aramaean Jew. Consummate wisdom is here displayed for the murmuring had come from the Hellenists, seven of whom were chosen to take proper care of the widows of Hellenists. This trouble was settled to stay settled so far as we know. Nothing is here told of any of the seven except Stephen who is “a man full of faith and the Holy Spirit” and Nicolas “a proselyte of Antioch” (who was not then born a Jew, but had come to the Jews from the Greek world).