Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 7:2 - 7:2

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Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 7:2 - 7:2

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Brethren and fathers (andres adelphoi kai pateres). The spectators (brethren) and members of the Sanhedrin (fathers) as Paul in Act 22:1.

Hearken (akousate). First aorist (ingressive) active imperative, Give me your attention now.

The God of glory (Ho theos tēs doxēs). The God characterized by glory (genitive case, genus or kind) as seen in the Shekinah, the visible radiance of God. Jesus is also called “the Glory”=the Shekinah in Jam 2:1. Cf. Exo 25:22; Exo 40:34; Lev 9:6; Heb 9:5. By these words Stephen refutes the charge of blasphemy against God in Act 6:11.

Appeared (ōphthē). First aorist passive indicative of horaō. See Luk 23:43. Before there was temple or tabernacle and away over in Mesopotamia (Ur of the Chaldees, Gen 11:31), even before (prin ē with the infinitive) he dwelt in Haran (Charran, or Carrae not far from Edessa, where Crassus met death after his defeat by the Parthians b.c. 53).