Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 7:31 - 7:31

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Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 7:31 - 7:31

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The sight (to horama). Used of visions in the N.T. as in Mat 17:9.

As he drew near (proserchomenou autou). Genitive absolute with present middle participle of proserchomai.

A voice of the Lord (phōnē kuriou). Here the angel of Jehovah of Act 7:30is termed Jehovah himself. Jesus makes powerful use of these words in his reply to the Sadducees in defence of the doctrine of the resurrection and the future life (Mar 12:26; Mat 22:32; Luk 20:37.) that God here describes himself as the God of the living.

Trembled (entromos genomenos). Literally, becoming tremulous or terrified. The adjective entromos (en, tromos from tremō, to tremble, to quake) occurs in Plutarch and the lxx. In the N.T. only here and Act 16:29.

Durst not (ouk etolma). Imperfect active, was not daring, negative conative imperfect.