Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 7:34 - 7:34

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Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 7:34 - 7:34

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I have surely seen (idōn eidon). Imitation of the Hebrew infinitive absolute, (Exo 3:7) “Seeing I saw” (cf. Heb 6:14).

The affliction (tēn kakōsin). From kakoō, to treat evilly (from kakos, evil). Old word, here only in the N.T. and from Exo 3:7.

Groaning (stenagmou). Old word from stenazō, to sigh, to groan. In the N.T. only here and Rom 8:26. Root sten in our word stentorian.

I am come down (katebēn). Second aorist active indicative of katabainō, I came down.

To deliver (exelesthai). Second aorist middle infinitive of exaireō, to take out for myself.

I will send (aposteilō). First aorist active subjunctive (hortatory of apostellō, “Let me send”).