Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 7:43 - 7:43

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Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 7:43 - 7:43

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The tabernacle of Moloch (tēn skēnēn tou Moloch). Or tent of Moloch which they took up after each halt instead of the tabernacle of Jehovah. Moloch was the god of the Amorites to whom children were offered as live sacrifices, an ox-headed image with arms outstretched in which children were placed and hollow underneath so that fire could burn underneath.

The star of the god Rephan (to astron tou theou Rompha). Spelled also Romphan and Remphan. Supposed to be Coptic for the star Saturn to which the Egyptians, Arabs, and Phoenicians gave worship. But some scholars take the Hebrew Kiyyoon to mean statues and not a proper name at all, “statues of your gods” carried in procession, making “figures” (tupous) with both “tabernacle” and “star” which they carried in procession.

I will carry (metoikiō). Attic future of metoikisō from metoikizō.

Beyond Babylon (epekeina Babulōnos). The Hebrew and the lxx have “beyond Damascus.” An adverbial preposition (ep' ekeina with merē understood) used in the old Greek and the lxx with the ablative case and meaning “beyond.” Here only in the N.T. in quotation from Amo 5:27.