Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 7:48 - 7:48

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Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 7:48 - 7:48

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Howbeit (all'). By contrast with what Solomon did and David planned. Note emphatic position of “not” (all' ouch), “But not does the Most High dwell.” The presence of the Most High is not confined in any building, even one so splendid as Solomon’s Temple as Solomon himself foresaw and acknowledged in his prayer (1Ki 8:27; 2Ch 6:18).

In houses made with hands (en cheiropoiētois). No word here for “houses” or “temples” in correct text (naois temples in Textus Receptus). Literally, “In things made with hands” (cheir, hand, poiētos, verbal adjective of poieō). It occurs in Mar 14:58 of the temple and of the sanctuary of Moab (Isa 16:12). It occurs also in Act 7:24; Heb 9:11, Heb 9:24; Eph 2:11. Common in the old Greek.

The prophet (ho prophētēs). Isa 66:1. Isaiah taught plainly that heaven is God’s throne.