Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 8:35 - 8:35

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Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 8:35 - 8:35

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Beginning from this scripture (arxamenos apo tēs graphēs tautēs). As a text. Philip needed no better opening than this Messianic passage in Isaiah.

Preached unto him Jesus (euēggelisato autōi ton Iēsoun). Philip had no doubt about the Messianic meaning and he knew that Jesus was the Messiah. There are scholars who do not find Jesus in the Old Testament at all, but Jesus himself did (Luk 24:27) as Philip does here. Scientific study of the Old Testament (historical research) misses its mark if it fails to find Christ the Center of all history. The knowledge of the individual prophet is not always clear, but after events throw a backward light that illumines it all (1Pe 1:11.; 2Pe 1:19-21).