Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 8:7 - 8:7

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Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 8:7 - 8:7

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For many (polloi gar). So the correct text of the best MSS., but there is an anacoluthon as this nominative has no verb with it. It was “the unclean spirits” that “came out” (exērchonto, imperfect middle). The margin of the Revised Version has it “came forth,” as if they came out of a house, a rather strained translation. The loud outcry is like the demons cast out by Jesus (Mar 3:11; Luk 4:41).

Palsied (paralelumenoi, perfect passive participle). Luke’s usual word, loosened at the side, with no power over the muscles. Furneaux notes that “the servant was reaping where the Master had sown. Samaria was the mission field white for the harvest (Joh 4:35).” The Samaritans who had been bewitched by Simon are now carried away by Philip.