Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 9:22 - 9:22

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Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 9:22 - 9:22

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Increased the more (māllon enedunamouto). Imperfect passive indicative of endunamoō, to receive power (late verb), progressive increase in strength as opposition grew. Saul’s recantation stirred controversy and Saul grew in power. See also Paul in Phi 4:13; 1Ti 1:12; 2Ti 2:1; 2Ti 4:17; Rom 4:20. Christ, the dynamo of spiritual energy, was now pouring power (Act 1:8) into Paul who is already filled with the Holy Spirit (Act 9:17).

Confounded (sunechunnen). Imperfect active indicative of sunchunnō (late form of suncheō, to pour together, commingle, make confusion. The more Saul preached, the more the Jews were confused.

Proving (sunbibazōn). Present active participle of sunbibazō, old verb to make go together, to coalesce, to knit together. It is the very word that Luke will use in Act 16:10 of the conclusion reached at Troas concerning the vision of Paul. Here Saul took the various items in the life of Jesus of Nazareth and found in them the proof that he was in reality “the Messiah” (ho Christos). This method of argument Paul continued to use with the Jews (Act 17:3). It was irresistible argument and spread consternation among the Jews. It was the most powerful piece of artillery in the Jewish camp that was suddenly turned round upon them. It is probable that at this juncture Saul went into Arabia for several years (Gal 1:12-24). Luke makes no mention of this important event, but he leaves ample room for it at this point.