Robertson Word Pictures - Jude 1:16 - 1:16

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Robertson Word Pictures - Jude 1:16 - 1:16

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Murmurers (goggustai). Late onomatopoetic word for agent, from gogguzō (Mat 20:11; 1Co 10:10) in the lxx (Exod 16:8; Num 11:1, 14-29).

Complainers (mempsimoiroi). Rare word (Isocrates, Aristotle, Plutarch) from memphomai to complain and moira lot or fate. Here alone in N.T.

Lusts (epithumias). As in 2Pe 3:3.

Swelling (huperogka). So in 2Pe 2:18 (big words).

Showing respect of persons (thaumazontes prosōpa). Present active participle of thaumazō to admire, to wonder at. Nowhere else in N.T. with prosōpa, but a Hebraism (in Lev 19:15; Job 13:10) like lambanein prosōpon (Luk 20:21) and blepein prosōpon (Mat 22:16) and prosopōlempteō (Jam 2:9). Cf. Jam 2:1.

For the sake of advantage (ōpheleias charin). To themselves. See also Jud 1:11. The covetousness of these Gnostic leaders is plainly shown in 2Pe 2:3, 2Pe 2:14. For charin as preposition with genitive see Eph 3:1, Eph 3:14.