Robertson Word Pictures - Jude 1:19 - 1:19

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Robertson Word Pictures - Jude 1:19 - 1:19

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They who make separations (hoi apodiorizontes). Present active articular participle of the double compound apodiorizō (from apo, dia, horizō, horos, boundary, to make a horizon), rare word, in Aristotle for making logical distinctions, here only in N.T. Diorizō occurs in Lev 20:24 and aphorizō in Mat 25:32, etc. See haireseis in 2Pe 2:1.

Sensual (psuchikoi). Old adjective from psuchē as in 1Co 2:14; 1Co 15:44; Jam 3:15. Opposed to pneumatikos. Not used by Peter.

Having not the Spirit (pneuma mē echontes). Usual negative mē with the participle (present active of echō). Probably pneuma here means the Holy Spirit, as is plain in Jud 1:20. Cf. Rom 8:9.