Robertson Word Pictures - Jude 1:22 - 1:22

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Robertson Word Pictures - Jude 1:22 - 1:22

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And on some (kai hous men). Demonstrative plural of hos men - hos de (hous de, below), not the relative hous, but by contrast (men, de). So Mat 13:8.

Have mercy (eleāte). Present active imperative of eleaō (rare form in Rom 9:16 also for the usual eleeō Mat 9:27). But A C read elegchete, refute, in place of eleate. The text of this verse is in much confusion.

Who are in doubt (diakrinomenous). Present middle participle of diakrinō, in the accusative case agreeing with hous men, though K L P have the nominative. If the accusative and eleate is read, see Jam 1:6 for the idea (doubters). If elegchete is read, see Jud 1:9 for the idea (disputers).