Robertson Word Pictures - Jude 1:25 - 1:25

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Robertson Word Pictures - Jude 1:25 - 1:25

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To the only God our Saviour (monōi theōi sōtēri hēmōn). Dative in the noble doxology. See Rom 16:27, monōi sophōi theōi (to the alone wise God), where also we have dia Iēsou Christou, but without tou kuriou hēmōn (our Lord) as here. Sōtēr is used of God eight times in the N.T., six of them in the Pastoral Epistles. Doxa (glory) to God or Christ in all the doxologies except 1Ti 6:16. Megalosunē (Majesty) is a late lxx word, in N.T. only here and Heb 1:3; Heb 8:1.

Before all time (pro pantos tou aiōnos). Eternity behind us. See same idea in 1Co 2:7 pro tōn aiōnōn.

Now (nun). The present.

For ever more (eis pantas tous aiōnas). “Unto all the ages.” All the future. As complete a statement of eternity as can be made in human language.