Robertson Word Pictures - Jude 1:3 - 1:3

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Robertson Word Pictures - Jude 1:3 - 1:3

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Beloved (agapētoi). As in 3Jo 1:2.

All diligence (pāsan spoudēn). As in 2Pe 1:5.

Of our common salvation (peri tēs koinēs hēmōn sōtērias). See this use of koinos (common to all) in Tit 1:4 with pistis, while in 2Pe 1:1 we have isotimon pistin, which see.

I was constrained (anagkēn eschon). “I had necessity” like Luk 14:18; Heb 7:27.

To contend earnestly (epagōnizesthai). Late and rare (in Plutarch, inscriptions) compound, here only in N.T. A little additional (epi) striving to the already strong agōnizesthai (agōn contest). Cf. 1Ti 6:12 agōnizou ton kalon agōna.

For the faith (tēi - pistei). Dative of advantage. Here not in the original sense of trust, but rather of the thing believed as in Jud 1:20; Gal 1:23; Gal 3:23; Phi 1:27.

Once for all delivered (hapax paradotheisēi). First aorist passive participle feminine dative singular of paradidōmi, for which see 2Pe 2:21. See also 2Th 2:15; 1Co 11:2; 1Ti 6:20.