Robertson Word Pictures - Jude 1:4 - 1:4

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Robertson Word Pictures - Jude 1:4 - 1:4

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Are crept in (pareiseduēsan). Second aorist passive indicative of pareisduō (̇nō), late (Hippocrates, Plutarch, etc.) compound of para (beside) and eis (in) and duō to sink or plunge, so to slip in secretly as if by a side door, here only in N.T.

Set forth (progegrammenoi). Perfect passive participle of prographō, to write of beforehand, for which verb see Gal 3:1; Rom 15:4.

Unto this condemnation (eis touto to krima). See 2Pe 2:3 for krima and ekpalai. Palai here apparently alludes to Jud 1:14, Jud 1:15 (Enoch).

Ungodly men (asebeis). Keynote of the Epistle (Mayor), in Jud 1:15 again as in 2Pe 2:5; 2Pe 3:7.

Turning (metatithentes). Present active participle of metatithēmi, to change, for which verb see Gal 1:6. For the change of “grace” (charita) into “lasciviousness” (eis aselgeian) see 1Pe 2:16; 1Pe 4:3; 2Pe 2:19; 2Pe 3:16.

Our only Master and Lord (ton monon despotēn kai kurion hēmōn). For the force of the one article for one person see note on 2Pe 1:1. For despotēn of Christ see 2Pe 2:1.

Denying (arnoumenoi). So 2Pe 2:1. See also Mat 10:33; 1Ti 5:8; Tit 1:16; 1Jo 2:22.