Treasury Of Scripture Knowledge - 2 Chronicles 12:3 - 12:3

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Treasury Of Scripture Knowledge - 2 Chronicles 12:3 - 12:3

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twelve hundred: Jdg 4:13; 1Sa 13:5; 2Sa 10:18

without number: 2Ch 14:9; Jdg 6:5; Rev 9:16

Lubims: Lubim, apparently the same with Lehabim (Gen 10:13), were probably the ancient inhabitants of Lybia (called Lubi in the Syriac version, Act 2:10), a district of Africa, adjoining to Egypt, and extending along the shore of the Mediterranean as far as the city of Cyrene. 2Ch 16:8; Eze 30:5; Nah 3:9

the Sukkiims: The Sukkiim (from sachach, "to cover") are supposed to have been the Troglodites, as the LXX and Vulgate render, a people of Egypt, on the west of the Red Sea, so called because they dwelt εν τρωγλαις, in caves.

Ethiopians: These Cushim were probably the inhabitants of Ethiopia, south of Egypt. 2Ch 14:12, 2Ch 16:8; Isa 43:3; Dan 11:43; Nah 3:9, Cushim, Heb. Gen 10:6-8