Treasury Of Scripture Knowledge - 2 Chronicles 13:10 - 13:10

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Treasury Of Scripture Knowledge - 2 Chronicles 13:10 - 13:10

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the Lord: We have not abandoned the Lord; and we still serve him according to His own law. But what Abijah urged concerning the state of religion in Judah was not strictly just; and, as spoken by him, it favoured ostentation. Abijah himself was but an indifferent character; and idolatry was evidently connived at in his days. Yet it was true, that the men of Judah had the priests, ordinances, and worship of Jehovah among them; that there were numbers of pious worshippers in the land; that theirs was the more righteous cause; that Jehovah was on their side as their Captain, while Israel fought against him; and that the presence of the priests with the sacred trumpets was a token of His presence and favour. 2Ch 11:16-17; Exo 19:5-6; Zec 13:9

the priests: Exo 29:1-37; Num 16:40, Num 18:1-7