Treasury Of Scripture Knowledge - 2 Chronicles 18:33 - 18:33

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Treasury Of Scripture Knowledge - 2 Chronicles 18:33 - 18:33

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a certain man: 1Ki 22:34

at a venture: Heb. in his simplicity, 2Sa 15:11

between the: etc. Heb. between the joints and between the breast plate, The shiryon, in Syriac, sheryono, seems to have covered both the back and breast of the warrior, and was consequently not properly a breast-plate, but a coat of mail or corslet. The corslet was made of flax or of wool woven very thick, of ox-hide, of brass, or of iron. The metallic corslet consisted not of solid piece, but of scales, hooks, or rings, connected like the links of a chain, that the warrior might move with greater ease. It was between the joints of this harness that Ahab received his mortal wound. 1Ki 22:34-35

wounded: Heb. made sick, 2Ch 35:23