Treasury Of Scripture Knowledge - 2 Chronicles 28:9 - 28:9

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Treasury Of Scripture Knowledge - 2 Chronicles 28:9 - 28:9

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he went out: 2Ch 19:1-2, 2Ch 25:15-16; 1Ki 20:13, 1Ki 20:22, 1Ki 20:42; 2Ki 20:14-15

Behold: To this beautiful speech nothing can be added by the best comment. It is simple, humane, pious, and overwhelmingly convincing; and it is no wonder that it produced the effect here described. That there was much humanity, as well as firmness, in the heads of the children of Ephraim, who joined with the prophet of Jehovah on this occasion, their subsequent conduct, as detailed in the 2Ch 28:15, sufficiently proves. They did not barely dismiss these most unfortunate captives, but they took that very spoil which their victorious army had taken, and with clothed, shod, fed, and anointed these distressed people, set the feeblest of them upon asses, and escorted them safely to Jericho! We can scarcely find a parallel to this in the universal history of the wars which savage man has carried on against his fellows from the foundation of the world. The compliance also of the whole army, in leaving both the captives and spoil to the disposal of the princes, was really wonderful, and perhaps unparalleled in history. Both the princes and army are worthy to be held up to the admiration and imitation of mankind.

because the Lord God: 2Ch 28:5; Jdg 3:8; Psa 69:26; Isa 10:5-7, Isa 47:6; Jer 15:17-18; Eze 25:12-17; Eze 26:2-3; Oba 1:10-16; Zec 1:15

reacheth: Gen 4:10, Gen 11:4; Ezr 9:6; Rev 18:5