Treasury Of Scripture Knowledge - 2 Chronicles 29:16 - 29:16

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Treasury Of Scripture Knowledge - 2 Chronicles 29:16 - 29:16

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the priests: The priests and Levites cleansed first the courts both of the priests and of the people. On this labour they spent eight days. Then they cleansed the interior of the temple; but, as the Levites had no right to enter the temple, the priests carried all the dirt and rubbish to the porch, whence they were collected by the Levites, carried away, and cast into the brook Kidron. In this work, eight more days were occupied; and thus the temple was purified in sixteen days.

the inner part: 2Ch 3:8, 2Ch 5:7; Exo 26:33-34; 1Ki 6:19-20; Heb 9:2-8, Heb 9:23-24

all the uncleanness: Eze 36:29; Mat 21:12-13, Mat 23:27

Kidron: 2Ch 15:16; 2Ki 23:4-6; Joh 18:1, Cedron