Treasury Of Scripture Knowledge - 2 Chronicles 29:21 - 29:21

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Treasury Of Scripture Knowledge - 2 Chronicles 29:21 - 29:21

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they brought: The law only required one bullock for the sins of the high priest, another for the sins of the people, and one he-goat for the sins of the prince, but Hezekiah offered many more, and the reason appears sufficiently evident. The law only speaks of the sins of ignorance, but here there were sins of every dye, idolatry, apostasy from the Divine worship, profanation of the temple, etc., etc. The sin offerings, we are informed, were offered, first, for the Kingdom, for the transgressions of the king and his family; secondly, for the sanctuary, which had been defiled and polluted; and for the priests, who had been profane, negligent, and unholy; and finally, for Judah, for the whole mass of the people, who had been led away into every kind of abomination by the above examples.

seven: Num 23:1, Num 23:14, Num 23:29; 1Ch 15:26; Ezr 8:35; Job 42:8; Eze 45:23

a sin offering: Lev 4:3-14; Num 15:22-24; 2Co 5:21