Treasury Of Scripture Knowledge - 2 King 10:15 - 10:15

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Treasury Of Scripture Knowledge - 2 King 10:15 - 10:15

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lighted on: Heb. found, 2Ki 10:13, 2Ki 9:21 *marg.

Jehonadab: Jer 35:6, Jer 35:8, Jer 35:14-19, Jonadab

Rechab: 1Ch 2:55

saluted: Heb. blessed, Gen 31:55, Gen 47:7, Gen 47:10

Is thine heart right: 1Ch 12:17-18; Joh 21:15-17; Gal 4:12

give me: Ezr 10:19; Eze 17:18; Gal 2:9

he took him: Jehu asked for the hand of Jehonadab not merely for the purpose of assisting him into the chariot, but that he might give him an assurance that he would assist him in the prosecution of his desires; for giving the hand is considered as a pledge of friendship and fidelity, or a form of entering into a contract, among all nations. Mr. Bruce relates, that when he entreated the protection of a sheikh, the great people who were assembled came, "and after joining hands, repeated a kind of prayer, of about two minutes long; by which they declared themselves and their children accursed, if ever they lifted their hands against me in the tell, (or field) in the desert, or on the river; or, in case that I, or mine, should fly to them for refuge, if they did not protect us at the risk of their lives, their families, and their fortunes, or, as they emphatically expressed it, to the death of the last male child among them." Another striking instance occurs in Ockley's History of the Saracens. Telha, just before he died, asked one of Ali's men if he belonged to the emperor of the faithful; and being informed that he did, "Give me then," said he, "your hand, that I may put mine in it, and by this action renew the oath of fidelity which I have already made to Ali." Act 8:31