Treasury Of Scripture Knowledge - 2 King 10:6 - 10:6

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Treasury Of Scripture Knowledge - 2 King 10:6 - 10:6

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1Ki 21:8-11

If ye be mine: Heb. If ye be for me, 2Ki 9:32; Mat 12:30; Luk 9:50

take ye: Num 25:4

your master's sons: Deu 5:9; Jos 7:24-25; Job 21:19; Isa 14:21-22; Rev 2:20-23

which brought them up: "The rich," says Mr. Morier, "hire a dedeh, or wet nurse for their children. If a boy, the father appoints a steady man from the age of two years to be his laleh, who, I conjecture, must stand in the same capacity as the bringers up of children mentioned in the catastrophe of Ahab's sons. But if it be a daughter, she has a gees sefeed, or white head, attached to her for the same purpose as the laleh."