Treasury Of Scripture Knowledge - 2 King 15:19 - 15:19

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Treasury Of Scripture Knowledge - 2 King 15:19 - 15:19

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am 3233, bc 771

Pul: Prideaux supposes that this Pul was the father of the famous Sardanapalus, who was called Sardan with his father's name Pul annexed, as was frequent in those times, making Sardanpul: thus Merodach, king of Babylon, was Merodach-Baladan, because he was the son Baladan. This Pul began to reign according to Usher, am 3237, the fifth year of Menahem; and he is supposed to be the same that reigned in Nineveh, when Jonah preached in that city. 1Ch 5:25-26; Isa 9:1

Menahem: 2Ki 12:18, 2Ki 16:8, 2Ki 17:3-4, 2Ki 18:16; Hos 5:13, Hos 8:9-10, Hos 10:6

to confirm: 2Ki 14:5; Jer 17:5