Treasury Of Scripture Knowledge - 2 King 16:9 - 16:9

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Treasury Of Scripture Knowledge - 2 King 16:9 - 16:9

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am 3264, bc 740

went up: 2Ch 28:5, Foretold, Amo 1:3-5

Damascus: Heb. Dammesek

Kir: Josephus informs us that this place was in Upper Media; and it is clear that it must be understood of some city or country in the dominions of the king of Assyria. It is highly probable that it was the country on the banks of the river Κυρος, Cyrus, or Kyrus, now called Kur, or Kura; and we find cities called Cyropolis, Cyrena, and Carine, mentioned by writers as lying in these parts, and a part of Media, called Syromedia, as it is thought, from the Syrians who were carried captive thither. Isa 22:6; Amo 9:7

slew Rezin: Isa 7:16, Isa 9:11