Treasury Of Scripture Knowledge - 2 King 18:34 - 18:34

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Treasury Of Scripture Knowledge - 2 King 18:34 - 18:34

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the gods: 2Ki 19:13; Num 13:21; 2Sa 8:9; Jer 49:23

Hamath: Hamath, there is little doubt, was the Epiphania of the Greeks, as Josephus, Theodoret, and Jerome, expressly assert. It was a celebrated city of Syria, situated on the Orontes, and the present Hamah doubtless occupies its site; as Abulfeda, who was prince or emir of Hamah about ad 1345, expressly states, in his Description of Syria, that Hamah is an ancient city mentioned in the writings of the Israelites. It is still a considerable town, situated on both sides of the Orontes, about three days' journey and a half from Tripoli; and must contain, Burckhardt says, at least 30,000 inhabitants.

Arpad: Arpad is probably the town of Arphas, mentioned by Josephus as limiting the province of Gamalitis, Gaulanitis, Batanea, and Trachonitis, to the ne; and the Raphan, or Raphanea, which Stephanus places near Epiphania.

the gods: 2Ki 17:24-33, Ava, Isa 36:18-19, Isa 37:11-12, Isa 37:18-19

have they delivered: 2Ki 17:6, 2Ki 17:23-24, 2Ki 17:30-31, 2Ki 19:12-13