Treasury Of Scripture Knowledge - 2 King 18:6 - 18:6

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Treasury Of Scripture Knowledge - 2 King 18:6 - 18:6

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he clave: None of the kings of Judah, from the time of the division of the kingdom, equalled Hezekiah in the stedfastness and simplicity of his dependence upon the Lord; in which he aspired to an equality with his progenitor David, who had reigned over the whole land. Even Asa, through weakness of faith, sought the assistance of a heathen prince; and Jehoshaphat formed an alliance with idolatrous Ahab; but Hezekiah clave to the Lord, in entire confidence and unreserved obedience, to the end of his life. Deu 10:20; Jos 23:8; Act 11:23

from following him: Heb. from after him

kept: 2Ki 17:13, 2Ki 17:16, 2Ki 17:19; Jer 11:4; Joh 14:15, Joh 14:21, Joh 15:10, Joh 15:14; 1Jo 5:3