Treasury Of Scripture Knowledge - 2 King 2:23 - 2:23

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Treasury Of Scripture Knowledge - 2 King 2:23 - 2:23

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Bethel: 1Ki 12:28-32; Hos 4:15, Hos 10:5, Hos 10:15; Amo 3:14, Amo 4:4, Amo 5:5, Amo 7:13

little children: The words nearim ketannim not only signify little children but young men; for katon signifies not only little, but young, in opposition to old; and naar signifies not only a child, but a young man grown to years of maturity. Thus Isaac is called naar when twenty-eight years old, Joseph when thirty-nine, and Rehoboam when forty. These idolatrous young men, having heard of the ascension of Elijah, without believing it, blasphemously bade Elisha to follow him. The venerable prophet, from a Divine impulse, pronounced a curse "in the name of the Lord," which was immediately followed by the most terrible judgment; thus evincing the Source from which it flowed. Job 19:18, Job 30:1, Job 30:8-31; Pro 20:11, Pro 22:6, Pro 22:15; Ecc 11:10; Isa 1:4, Isa 3:5; Jer 7:18

mocked: Gen 21:9; 2Ch 36:16; Job 30:1, Job 30:8-9; Psa 35:15; Isa 57:3-4; Gal 4:29; Heb 11:36

Go up: 2Ki 2:11; Mat 27:29-31, Mat 27:40-43