Treasury Of Scripture Knowledge - 2 King 22:20 - 22:20

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Treasury Of Scripture Knowledge - 2 King 22:20 - 22:20

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I will gather: Gen 25:8; Deu 31:16; 1Ch 17:11; 2Ch 34:28

thou shalt: During thy life, none of these calamities shall fall upon thee nor thy people; no adversary shall be permitted to disturb the peace of Judea; and thou shalt at last "be gathered into thy grave in peace." Now, though it is stated that Pharaoh-Necho slew him at Megiddo, yet the Assyrians and the Jews were at peace; and though Josiah might feel it his duty to oppose the Egyptian king's going against his friend and ally, and that, in his endeavours to oppose him, he was mortally wounded at Megiddo, yet certainly he was not killed there, but was brought to Jerusalem, where he died in peace.

gathered: 2Ki 23:29-30; Psa 37:37; Isa 57:1-2; Jer 22:10, Jer 22:15-16