Treasury Of Scripture Knowledge - 2 King 22:8 - 22:8

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Treasury Of Scripture Knowledge - 2 King 22:8 - 22:8

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I have found: This certainly was a genuine copy of the divine law, and probably the autograph of Moses, as it is said, in the parallel place of Chronicles, to be the book of the law of the Lord by Moses. It is not probable that this was the only copy of the law in the land, or that Josiah had never before seen the book of Moses; but the fact seems to be, that this was the original of the covenant renewed by Moses in the plains of Moab, and now being unexpectedly found, its antiquity, the occasion of its being made, the present circumstances of the people, the imperfect state in which the reformation was as yet, after all that had been done, would all concur to produce the effect here mentioned on the mind of the pious Josiah. Deu 31:24-26; 2Ch 34:14, 2Ch 34:15-28