Treasury Of Scripture Knowledge - 2 King 23:11 - 23:11

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Treasury Of Scripture Knowledge - 2 King 23:11 - 23:11

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the sun: 2Ki 23:5; 2Ch 14:5, 2Ch 34:4; Eze 8:16

house of the Lord: Throughout the East, the horse because of his swiftness and utility, was dedicated to the sun; and the Greeks and Romans feigned that the chariot of the sun was drawn by four horses, Pyrous, Eous, Aithon, and Phlegon, and hence also chariots were dedicated to that luminary. Jarchi says, that those who adored the sun had horses, which they mounted every morning, to go out to meet him at his rising. The kings of Judah had imitated these idolatrous customs, and kept the horses of the sun even at the entrance of the temple of the Lord!

chamberlain: or, eunuch, or officer