Treasury Of Scripture Knowledge - 2 King 23:13 - 23:13

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Treasury Of Scripture Knowledge - 2 King 23:13 - 23:13

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the mount of corruption: that is, the mount of Olives, Houbigant, deriving the Hebrew mashchith from mashach, "to anoint," reads "the Mount of Olives." Jarchi, following the Chaldee, also says this was the Mount of Olives; for this is the mount hammishchah, of unction, but because of the idolatrous purposes for which it was used, the Scripture changed the appellation to the mount of hammashchith, corruption.

Solomon: 1Ki 11:7; Neh 13:26

Ashtoreth: Jdg 2:13, Jdg 10:6; 1Sa 7:4, 1Sa 12:10; 1Ki 11:5, 1Ki 11:33

Chemosh: Num 21:29; Jdg 11:24; Jer 48:7, Jer 48:13, Jer 48:16

Milcom: Zep 1:5, Malcham