Treasury Of Scripture Knowledge - 2 King 23:33 - 23:33

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Treasury Of Scripture Knowledge - 2 King 23:33 - 23:33

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put him: 2Ch 36:3-4; Eze 19:3-4

Riblah: Theodoret (in Jer 46:1-28), expressly affirms that Riblah or Reblatha was in his time called Emesa. Κωμη δε εστιν η Ρεβλαθα της νυν καλουμενης Εμεσης. Emesa was a city of Syria, situated on the Orontes, and, according to the Antonine Itinerary, 18 miles from Laodicea ad Libanum. It is now called Homs, or Hems, about eight hours, or twenty-four miles se of Hamah or Hamath, in the road to Damascus. The present town only occupies about one quarter of the space contained within the ancient walls, which apparently date from the time of the Saracens. Here is nothing remarkable, except a Roman sepulchre, and a large castle in ruins. 2Ki 25:6; Num 34:11; Jer 39:5-6, Jer 52:9-10, Jer 52:26-27

Hamath: Num 13:21; 1Ki 8:65

that he might not reign: or, because he reigned

put: etc. Heb. set a mulct upon the land. 2Ki 18:14; Exo 21:22; 2Ch 36:3; Pro 19:19