Treasury Of Scripture Knowledge - 2 King 23:5 - 23:5

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Treasury Of Scripture Knowledge - 2 King 23:5 - 23:5

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put down: Heb. caused to cease

the idolatrous priests: Heb. Chemarim. Hos 10:5 *marg. "Foretold. Zep 1:4-5."

planets: or, twelve signs, or constellations, So the Vulgate duodecim signa, "the twelve signs," i.e., the zodiac; which is the most probable meaning of the word mazzaloth, from the Arabic manzeel, a caravanserai, house, or dwelling, as being the apparent dwellings of the sun in his annual course; and the Targumists and Rabbins often employ the words tereysar mazzalaya, to denote the signs of the zodiac.

all the host: 2Ki 21:3-4; Jer 8:1-2, Jer 44:17-19